9 Spa Treatments You Need To Try


Whether you visit spas all the time or are hoping to schedule your first appointment, there are probably some treatments you have yet to discover. Today, we will be providing you with a list of spa treatments that rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit — and how ResortPass can help you find them.

What Are the Benefits of Spa Treatments?

There are several spa treatments designed to benefit your body. Whether it’s to soothe muscle tension, support blood circulation, or provide you with a detox, chances are, there is a spa service that can assist you with whatever ailment you’re managing.

Spa treatments can also help to improve your mental health. By taking the opportunity to relax your mind, you can find some calm amid your crazy schedule. In addition to positively affecting your outlook, this can also benefit you physically. For example, with a reduction in stress levels, you may experience better sleep

Finally, spa treatments can help with your confidence. After receiving a treatment that leaves your complexion looking smooth and radiant, you’re likely to experience a boost in self-esteem — and who doesn’t want that?

9 Spa Treatments You Need To Try

Here are nine spa treatments we suggest to improve how you feel inside and out.

1. Quartz Massage 

Quartz massages use expert massage techniques, color therapy, and aromatherapy to provide you with a therapeutic, balancing treatment that relaxes and energizes your mind and body. At the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, you can boost this massage with a CBD add-on that provides you with maximum comfort.


2. Collagen Facial

Collagen facials support your body’s natural collagen production through specialized exfoliation, cleansing, and massage techniques. For a unique spin on this popular treatment, the Southern Belle theming of The Whitey Atlanta Buckhead will not only make your skin feel soft and smooth but transport you to a whole new world.


3. Zero Gravity Massage

Suppose you want the relaxing effects of a massage, but are uncomfortable with being touched by a specialist. In that case, zero gravity massages provide a hands-off alternative. 

Recline in a zero-gravity position in a state-of-the-art massage chair, comfortably heated and designed to decompress your spine. If you like what you hear, try the Exhale Spa at Virgin Hotels NYC


4. Hot Stone Massage

During a 50-minute hot stone massage, stones are dipped in hot lavender oil before application to guide you in your relaxation, while a reflexology massage on the hands and feet ensures you achieve maximum zen while the stones are applied. Iberostar resorts like the Coral Level at Iberostar Selection Cancun are well-known for this type of treatment.


5. Infrared Sauna

In an infrared sauna, rather than external pressures like steam causing you to sweat, infrared rays target your internal body temperature. This method is proven to support your skin and muscles. The JW Marriott Chicago is one of many spas offering this innovative treatment.


6. Mud Bath

While it may seem messy, volcanic mud rituals actually exfoliate your skin, cleaning and hydrating your whole body for a silky, smooth feel when you step out. You may have seen this treatment in movies and on TV, but at exotic locations like the Borinquen Thermal Resort in Costa Rica, you can experience a mud bath for yourself. 


7. Mineral Salt Glow Body Scrub 

Healing salt therapy can release the stress and tension of the day. Start with a mineral salt and seaweed body scrub to the sound of binaural beat meditations. Then, receive a relaxing massage using warm Himalayan salt crystal stones. Among the top locations for this treatment is the 5-star PGA National Resort & Spa in Florida.


8. Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facials use a specialized wand to apply oxygen directly to your skin’s surface through a high-pressure stream. This treatment is especially nourishing at higher altitudes, as the increased height can cause your skin to dehydrate. So if you find yourself in the mountains, like at The Ritz-Carlton, Denver, an oxygen facial is just what you need. 


9. Lomi Lomi Massage

The Lomi Lomi massage is a service rooted in Hawaiian healing heritage. Using rhythmic, light- to medium-pressure strokes, this traditional practice is geared to help aid you with self-transformation and end outdated patterns that negatively disturb your life’s potential. Among Hawaiian spas, the Fairmont Orchid offers an authentic rendition of this treatment.


What Are the Best Tips for Maximizing Your Spa Experience?

After booking your spa visit, you’re going to want to make the most of your time. Here are some tips to help you maximize your experience.

Clarify Your Goals

When you first meet with your spa attendant, be clear with them about what your goals are for the visit. For example, if you are receiving a massage, tell them which areas of your body are most tense and in need of relief from discomfort. If you are receiving a facial treatment, explain what characteristics of your skin you are hoping to improve. 

Arrive Early

The ultimate goal of a day spa is to relax. The last thing you want to do is stress yourself out by running late and rushing to the spa. Arriving early to your appointment is respectful to the massage therapist or provider giving you your treatment and will also ensure that you are at peace throughout your visit. 

Stay Hydrated

Depending on the type of treatment you are receiving and its level of intensity, it can be very important that you are hydrated during your time at the spa. For example, if you utilize a sauna with high temperatures and excessive sweating, it will be essential to hydrate beforehand to avoid any negative effects from fluid loss.

To be clear, there are many procedures you can receive at the spa that actually improve your hydration levels, but the bottom line is that you can always benefit from higher water intake, so drink a glass of water before heading to the spa because it will benefit you either way. 

Communicate Openly

Throughout your visit, continue to communicate your needs to your spa attendant. Do not be afraid to politely let them know if you are experiencing any discomfort. 

If you are undergoing a high-intensity treatment, tell them when you need a break or if you need to cut it short. In this same vein, feel free to compliment your attendant on anything they are doing particularly well. 

Consider Add-Ons

When you get to the spa and explain to the attendant what you are hoping to get out of your visit, they may encourage you to select an add-on. Add-ons can be anything from an additional procedure, like a skin treatment or cryotherapy, or an additional element to the treatment you are already receiving, like an herbal compress or essential oil.

The choice is ultimately up to you, but do take their advice into consideration. If the add-ons are within your budget and something you believe could help to improve your spa experience, we say go for it!

Choose the Right Treatment

We understand that a visit to the spa isn’t something most people get to do often, so to optimize your time, get the best service for you. Instead of doing your own research online, an easy way to accomplish this is to consult a professional. 

Shoot an email to the spa of your choice or make a call to their front desk and inquire about what treatments they recommend. Let them know what your priorities are, whether it’s to improve your mind, body, or spiritual well-being.

Protect Your Skin Type

Just because a treatment is helpful for a lot of people doesn’t mean it will be helpful for you. This is especially true when it comes to services involving your skin. 

Everyone’s skin looks, feels, and functions differently. Before undergoing a skin procedure at the spa, double-check that it is safe for your particular skin type.

Take Advantage of All Amenities

Spas are designed to provide you with treatments that are relaxing and therapeutic and make you feel good inside and out. To accomplish this, they often offer a variety of amenities. 

Take advantage! Who knows when you’ll get to treat yourself to a complimentary steam bath again. If you buy a spa package, make sure you get the most out of your purchase!

Follow Up at Home

You are bound to leave the spa feeling better than when you arrived. Don’t let that feeling go to waste. 

Whether you went to the spa to improve your mental health or physical health, it is important that you practice upkeep once you have returned home. Do your daily stretches, practice skin care, and meditate regularly. 

Book During Off-Peak Times

A little hack for improving your visit to the spa is to book during off-peak times. Though your spa attendant will surely do their best to service you regardless of what time you schedule your appointment, visiting when there are fewer customers will improve your chances of receiving more thorough care.

Why Should You Book Your Next Spa Day With ResortPass?

Let’s imagine that you are searching for a very specific nourishing treatment, and the only spot that offers it is a spa located within a resort. With the help of ResortPass, this wouldn’t be an issue. You would have access to spas that are typically exclusive to hotel patrons. 

We at ResortPass partner with first-rate, highly-reviewed hotels. After perusing the different hotel options, you can purchase a day pass or spa pass to enjoy all the top-notch amenities they have to offer. 

Whether you are looking to detoxify, support anti-aging, or simply need some revitalizing, we have just what you need with the best spas around. You should book your next spa day with ResortPass because, simply put, you deserve it!

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