What Is A Daycation? (And Why You Absolutely Need One)

Long gone are the days when your only chance of soaking in a blissful resort pool had to involve splurging $200+ dollars per night on an overnight stay. And ciao, adios, hasta luego to having to “sneak in” to 4 and 5 star hotels while feeling guilty about it.

So what’s a daycation?

A daycation is the ultimate “treat yourself” day, and here at ResortPass, we’re redefining the quintessential pool day.

There are many compelling reasons to click that “Book Now” button.

Daycation with Sam Wormser at AquaVie at the Westgate Hotel

Bliss Out

You might be craving relaxation, like Sam – a peaceful oasis where you can catch up on your latest beach read or tabloid magazine and sip on a delightful glass of bubbly. Maybe you’ll even indulge in a luxurious spa treatment or two. (Many of our partner resorts have spas on property, and some even offer a 10-20% discount on treatments when you book a day pass!)

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Daycation at Hilton Mission Bay Resort with Sidney Hambsch

Family Goals

Or perhaps you’re a busy Mama like Sidney, holding down the fort with a toddler and juggling 435,614 things at any given time. Pile the family and their favorite floaties in the car and watch them splash and play in kiddie pools, lazy rivers, and sandy playgrounds. This could turn a typical “family fun day” into something more special and memorable. A cozy cabana can quickly turn into a spacious “home base” amidst an idyllic afternoon in the sun.

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W Hollywood Daycation with The Gilded Bellini


If you’re ready to get wild with a group of close friends, a pass to your favorite local pool is a fun way to add a little madness into the mundane. Pools like the W Hollywood offer a live DJ on weekends, and the Harrah’s in SoCal has adult pools and winding lazy rivers. The Confidante in Miami sweetens the deal with a complimentary bottle of champagne for each cabana purchased. There’s no better way to celebrate a special occasion!

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Day Date Daycation at Balboa Bay Resort

A New Kind of “Day Date”

Or how about a day date? Instead of the typical dinner and a movie, bask in the glow of romance and tranquility with your significant other. (A daybed is worth the nominal upgrade, plus it’s built for two!) Our resort partners have perfected a luxurious ambiance with lush greenery, inviting pools, and stunning views.

No matter kind of day you’re seeking, give yourself the gift of a daycation and experience your city in a brand new light. Click here to learn more about ResortPass!

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